Golf Jargons That You Need To Know

Golf seems like an expensive and complicated hobby. The sport also has its jargon that makes the novice intimidated. These complicated matters can be straightened out by knowing the basics.

First, let us understand the aim of this sport. The primary objective of golf is to strike the ball with your chosen golf club and shoot it to the holes around the course in chronological order. The number of holes in a golf course could either be 9 or 18.

Now, let’s learn the basic jargons that you hear in golf. It is easy once you hear it often. Here is the list of the commonly used terms in golf.

  • Birdie – It means your score is one point below par.
  • Bogey – It means your score is one point above par.
  • Bump and Run – It means that the player hit the ball to a slope to slow down its speed and let the ball roll towards the hole.
  • Bunker – It is a hazard consist of sand, grass, or both.
  • Caddie – It is a person hired to carry your clubs. But they do more than carrying bags. They can offer you good advice on your golf game, too.
  • Chip and Run – This is a low-running shot where the ball is on the ground more.
  • Double Bogey – This means that your score is two points higher than the par.
  • Double Eagle – This means that your score is three points below par.
  • Eagle – This means your score is two points below par.
  • Heel – This is the part of your club nearest the horsel.
  • Horsel – This is the part of your club which connects the shaft to the club head.
  • Level Par – This means that your score is even with the par.
  • Par – This is the score a golf player is expected to make on the hole.
  • Tee Box – This is the starting area of the game.

A glossary of golf terms is available on the PGA website

Next thing we need to know is the scoring in golf. Unlike most sports, the player with the lowest score wins. Here’s how it works. The player gets one point each … Read more...

The Little Things We Forget When Playing Golf

There are things that we sometimes forget when we play golf. It is not the equipment, but it has something to do with ourselves. Or, perhaps a pet peeve that continuously bothers us when we play golf. Even professionals had their share of blunders while playing golf. These things may seem unimportant, but they affect one’s performance.

We have listed some of the common, but often forgotten little things, that can affect your golf performance.

Size matters

Aside from looking unpolished, your ill-fitting clothes and shoes can make you feel uncomfortable and unconfident. Your clothes and shoes have an effect on your performance. Imagine tugging at your clothes all the time whenever you are about to make a swing. Or your feet, screaming for justice because they’ve had enough of your tight shoes? It is a big hassle! From the time you shop, pick the right size of clothes and shoes so that it will be the least of your concern on the turf.

Remember your sunscreen

It is not vanity. Sunscreen protects your skin from the dangerous UV rays from the sun. Apply sunscreen before the game and a little bit more if you have been under the sun for more than an hour. You can also use lip balm to prevent chapped lips.

Eating way too much before you tee off

Yes, we understand that it is going to be a long and productive day on the greens. But that doesn’t mean that it is your last meal. Eating too much food will make you feel bloated and even sleepy. This stuffiness will affect your performance in a negative way. So next time, eat smart, so you do not have to carry excess baggage when you play.

Being too attached to your phone

Resist. I repeat, resist. Just resist the temptation to touch your phone while you are playing. It is considered rude by some. It will also distract you from your game. You are on the golf course to play, not check your emails. If something critical and urgent comes up, your staff or your wife will surely call you. Focus on the game instead.

Ready but hesitant

You may have experienced this in one of your … Read more...

Storing Things Too Long

A couple of years back I was able to buy a few surplus golf sets I was planning to give away to people who would like to start out in golfing but can’t afford clubs. Unfortunately, most of the bags and handles were ruined due to a termite problem I recently discovered I had. I was only able to pull out a few golf sets, some salvageable and some lost causes, form the original twenty sets I bought. Through a quick search of Pest Control Lynwood company, I was able to immediately hire an exterminator who could come the same day and do the work needed to be done.

In total, I have about seven sets still in good condition; tough only three bags are still usable, only two of them look presentable. I’d still be able to give a few people a chance to start the wonderful sport, but the rest I guess I’ll just rent out and hope to recoup some of my losses somehow. I’ve already contacted my surplus contact, but for now, I will not go overboard and buy too much, I’ll just get three or five sets at a time and rent them out until I find worthy people to have them, possibly their renters.… Read more...

What To Do If Your Golf Course Got Pests

In spite of well-manicured fairways and ultra-posh environment, golf courses are not spared from the annoyance of pests. The pests do not only affect the golfer’s game, but they also influence the bottom line of the golf course’s balance sheet.

Golfers deserve a playing environment where they can focus on their game, not swat away wasps or play hurdles on mounds and burrows. Aside from wasps, golfers also complain of mosquitoes and mama birds hovering by as they set for their critical shot. It may seem funny, but to an avid golfer, it is a total nuisance.

The manager has to deal with the pests that lurk and cause significant damage to the golf course. It is a difficult task because there could be more than one pest present in the property. Here are the common golf course pests and the damage they can do:

  • Beavers – These cute animals create a dam on the water feature on the golf course that could cause flooding. 
  • Groundhogs – These are large rodents that can create a burrow large enough to trip an unsuspecting golfer.groundhog
  • Snakes – With the bountiful greens and water on the golf course, it is easy for snakes to turn the place into its habitat. Snakes usually stay away from humans, but the mere sighting of a snake could scare a golfer away.
  • Cutworms – These worms live under the soil and feed on the roots and stem of grass causing extensive damage to the fairway.
  • Fire Ants – Aside from painful bites, these ants can create mounds on the ground that even the tiniest speck could change the direction of a well-planned shot.
  • Wasps – These insects are pollinators, and like bees, its sting can send anyone in grave pain.

Extensive pest control program is needed to manage all these pests and keep the repair expense of the golf course to a minimum. As such, the golf course management should hire a reputable pest control company to deal with the pests. Our favorite golf course uses the professional services of Pest Control Denver, and we have never experienced any hassle on the golf course. We even availed the services of this company for our properties because … Read more...

Thanks to Our Sponsors for Saving Mike’s Charlotte Home

We were already winding down after a productive golf club meeting, when one of our members, Mike, narrated how his weekend was. Some of our members made a stealthy move to the door because we all know Mike, once he started a story, it will take at least an hour for him to finish. He goes into detail as if he’s giving a statement at the police station. Larry, Jay and I were left to listen to Mike’s saga.


Mike told us that he inherited a house in Eastover, located at the southeast side of Uptown Charlotte. It was from his uncle who decided to just move to another country to spend his retirement. It was a beautiful Cape Cod house with a gorgeous porch. Mike said that he loved the house, but it was a bit dated to his taste. He wanted to renovate it, but the uncle was very sentimental, so he cannot remodel nor sell it.

We were all intrigued by the house, so Mike drove us there.  The trip going there was quick. The house looks amazing. Yes, it was a bit dated, but it was very homey. The front porch was classic and elegant, complete with decking and a roof extension. It was truly gorgeous. We sat there for a while when Mike suddenly jumped from his seat and pointed at the direction of the shed beside the house. There were visible termite markings on the walls.


We all ran to the shed to look carefully, and everyone just clicked their tongues while shaking their heads. It was unfortunate. Mike could only scratch his head. Larry, the think tank of the group, pulled out his smartphone and searched for the Pest Control Charlotte NC website.


We all know Pest Control Charlotte NC because they sponsored our 2016’s Golden Golf Tournament for amateur golf enthusiasts. I think Mike never had any experience in dealing with pest control because he is just renting a condo downtown.


The pest control guys were over at the site the following day and cleared the termites. They also did a thorough checking of the main house, and fortunately, there was none to worry about. They scheduled … Read more...