A couple of years back I was able to buy a few surplus golf sets I was planning to give away to people who would like to start out in golfing but can’t afford clubs. Unfortunately, most of the bags and handles were ruined due to a termite problem I recently discovered I had. I was only able to pull out a few golf sets, some salvageable and some lost causes, form the original twenty sets I bought. Through a quick search of Pest Control Lynwood company, I was able to immediately hire an exterminator who could come the same day and do the work needed to be done.

In total, I have about seven sets still in good condition; tough only three bags are still usable, only two of them look presentable. I’d still be able to give a few people a chance to start the wonderful sport, but the rest I guess I’ll just rent out and hope to recoup some of my losses somehow. I’ve already contacted my surplus contact, but for now, I will not go overboard and buy too much, I’ll just get three or five sets at a time and rent them out until I find worthy people to have them, possibly their renters.