Thanks to Our Sponsors for Saving Mike’s Charlotte Home

We were already winding down after a productive golf club meeting, when one of our members, Mike, narrated how his weekend was. Some of our members made a stealthy move to the door because we all know Mike, once he started a story, it will take at least an hour for him to finish. He goes into detail as if he’s giving a statement at the police station. Larry, Jay and I were left to listen to Mike’s saga.


Mike told us that he inherited a house in Eastover, located at the southeast side of Uptown Charlotte. It was from his uncle who decided to just move to another country to spend his retirement. It was a beautiful Cape Cod house with a gorgeous porch. Mike said that he loved the house, but it was a bit dated to his taste. He wanted to renovate it, but the uncle was very sentimental, so he cannot remodel nor sell it.

We were all intrigued by the house, so Mike drove us there.  The trip going there was quick. The house looks amazing. Yes, it was a bit dated, but it was very homey. The front porch was classic and elegant, complete with decking and a roof extension. It was truly gorgeous. We sat there for a while when Mike suddenly jumped from his seat and pointed at the direction of the shed beside the house. There were visible termite markings on the walls.


We all ran to the shed to look carefully, and everyone just clicked their tongues while shaking their heads. It was unfortunate. Mike could only scratch his head. Larry, the think tank of the group, pulled out his smartphone and searched for the Pest Control Charlotte NC website.


We all know Pest Control Charlotte NC because they sponsored our 2016’s Golden Golf Tournament for amateur golf enthusiasts. I think Mike never had any experience in dealing with pest control because he is just renting a condo downtown.


The pest control guys were over at the site the following day and cleared the termites. They also did a thorough checking of the main house, and fortunately, there was none to worry about. They scheduled another visit to ensure that the pests were gone for good.


Mike was so thankful that we dropped by his new house that day. He did not plan to visit that place for the next few months due to his schedule. Had we not come earlier, the termites might have reached the main house already.


Mike is now contemplating on whether to move into the house or just have it rented. We all suggested that he move in because it will be a big waste just to watch it deteriorate. He is still thinking about it and said that he would just tell us his decision after the Golf day this month.


Speaking of Golf Day, please remember that we’ll have it on the 21st of this month. Please confirm your attendance. Thank you.