Top 5 Must-Know Golf Tips for Beginners

Top 5 Must-Know Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf is one of the largely played sports across the globe. The game that we call as Golf in the modern times is the game that originated in Scotland roughly during the 15th century. Since then nobody has simply forgotten the game. It is one of the exciting sports, and for some reason, it has been on and off the list of Olympic Games. Golf appears like it is one of the easiest sports, but it isn’t.  The hitting part of the game might be easy, but then it is not the case when it comes to reaching the target. So here are the top 5 tips that you must know if you are at the beginner level in golf.

Top 5 Must-Know Golf Tips for Beginners

Understand that golf is a tough game:

No, we aren’t trying to demotivate you instead we are trying to help you understand the harsh reality of the game so that you will prepare accordingly. So when it comes to golf, you will have to spill your blood and sweat to master and looks like you will always have to do it the hard way. Though there are no opponents who actually try the field like a war zone and hunt for the ball and the target, you still can’t be happy. The ball will simply won’t fall into the pit, and it can be very much annoying.

Focus on the basic rules:

You will have to understand the basic rules by heart. Every time you practice go according to the rules and do not skip anything. Also, you are expected to understand the scoring pattern. Remember, it is not just about targeting the ball but getting it to the hole in the minimum number of stokes. The lesser the stroke, the better your score is.

Understand the gear:

Like we said earlier, Golf looks easy but plays tough. Unlike other sports, there is no one bat one ball story here. The bat-like thing is called the club, and they are available at different grade, and there are different levels. Each club has its purpose to fulfil. So as a part of learning your basics understand the club and also when and where they are used, so that you will not embarrass yourself in public.

It is a game of rich tradition:

Golf is one of the sports with a rich history and tradition. As a person of the sport, you are expected to follow it and stick to it. Again the situation can get terrible if you are going to let yourself be embarrassed with the half-baked knowledge of the tradition. Understanding the tradition and the rules of the game is the first thing you will have to do.

Sports of the rich:

Did you know that golf tops the list of sports that are largely played by the rich men of the world? Yes, getting into golf can be a bit expensive thing to do. The Golf clubs get a pricey fee just for using the field, and you then have to afford the gear separately. So make sure that you do not fall into debts by venturing into golf. It is an expensive pastime.