In spite of well-manicured fairways and ultra-posh environment, golf courses are not spared from the annoyance of pests. The pests do not only affect the golfer’s game, but they also influence the bottom line of the golf course’s balance sheet.

Golfers deserve a playing environment where they can focus on their game, not swat away wasps or play hurdles on mounds and burrows. Aside from wasps, golfers also complain of mosquitoes and mama birds hovering by as they set for their critical shot. It may seem funny, but to an avid golfer, it is a total nuisance.

The manager has to deal with the pests that lurk and cause significant damage to the golf course. It is a difficult task because there could be more than one pest present in the property. Here are the common golf course pests and the damage they can do:

  • Beavers – These cute animals create a dam on the water feature on the golf course that could cause flooding. 
  • Groundhogs – These are large rodents that can create a burrow large enough to trip an unsuspecting golfer.groundhog
  • Snakes – With the bountiful greens and water on the golf course, it is easy for snakes to turn the place into its habitat. Snakes usually stay away from humans, but the mere sighting of a snake could scare a golfer away.
  • Cutworms – These worms live under the soil and feed on the roots and stem of grass causing extensive damage to the fairway.
  • Fire Ants – Aside from painful bites, these ants can create mounds on the ground that even the tiniest speck could change the direction of a well-planned shot.
  • Wasps – These insects are pollinators, and like bees, its sting can send anyone in grave pain.

Extensive pest control program is needed to manage all these pests and keep the repair expense of the golf course to a minimum. As such, the golf course management should hire a reputable pest control company to deal with the pests. Our favorite golf course uses the professional services of Pest Control Denver, and we have never experienced any hassle on the golf course. We even availed the services of this company for our properties because they are one of the most trusted pest control company in Colorado.

If you see burrows and unsightly bald spots in your golf course, you should inform your golf course manager immediately. Although, by procedure, they should check this regularly. As a golf club member, you have the right to demand the best playing field to enjoy your game. It dampens the game when even a small bump wrecks what could have been a perfect shot.

Always be proactive in ensuring that the management of the gold club you frequent is proper. Do not hesitate to voice out any concern, particularly on the amenities because it is part of your membership benefits. There are instances where golfers are given an opportunity to join a different golf club when the management cannot effectively manage the nuisance pests in the golf course. It is proof that golfers are entitled to a pest-free golf course environment.